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Events Planning and Organisation

We can organize creative and cost effective events for the tourism trade, from market research to budgeting and venue finding:


  •  Event Planning and proposal
  •  Market research
  •  Goals and objective to be reached
  •  Event Coordination
  •  Developing Creative Elements
  •  Entertainment Scheduling
  •  Site Planning and Inspection
  •  Analysis and Management of Registration and Admission Process
  •  Coordinating Event Speakers with additional Entertainment for maximum effect
  •  Identifying Appropriate Food and Beverage Menus
  •  Event Contingency Planning
  •  Event Marketing
  •  Sending Invitations
  •  Budgeting and Buying Advertising
  •  Publicising Event
  •  Organising Contests
  •  Merchandising, Packaging and Sales Promotion
  •  Formulating a Public Relations Strategy
  •  Conducting Market Research
  •  Methods of Measuring Marketing Activity
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Other Services

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Marketing and Communication Services

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Sales and Representation

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